Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Personal Best

As a reward for completing the NYT mini crossword puzzle, you get a star, your time and a 9 beat victory tune. No way would I ever even attempt the big people NY Times puzzle. Heck, half the time it takes me forever to noodle out the little one but hearing that little tune always starts my day off just fine.

And today, I got it all by doing downs only and beat my previous record for time.

It's a good day so far.

Biggie always comes to sleep with me but only after I'm asleep. If I get up to pee, he gets up and goes away (to pee?) and comes back only after I'm asleep again. It's lovely to wake up with him stretched out next to me. Last night, at one point, I woke up to a very gentle poke in the head... Stickie. He hasn't brought Stickie to bed in a long time. No idea what last night's return was about but we finished off the night together. Me and Biggie and Stickie.

The muralist hasn't done too much on the new window boards so far.


BUT, I caught my boyfriend two timing me!! There's a guy who lives in this building who has two giant dogs that he often walks at the same time I do. This morning as I was rounding the corner on the way to boyfriend's window, I saw Guy With Dogs, walk by that window and wave to my boyfriend!! Good thing I'm a sharing person.

I have a grocery order scheduled for pickup tomorrow. I need to make room in the fridge and freezer. It's just a matter of organizing. Getting groceries only every 10-14 days is really working out nicely. And, while, each trip feels way too expensive, compared to pre-March, I'm spending way less on food - restaurants and grocery. Interesting.

The Seattle Times says this morning that our county is no where near close to being able to move to the next phase which was penciled in for June 1. Much of the rest of the state has and/or will soon. But not us. Our numbers of cases/hospitalizations/deaths are not yet contained enough. The Governor is expected to spell out details this afternoon. One of my LJ friends is going to work on the state coronovirus task force, I learned today. I'm so grateful for her service there. I am grateful for how our state is handling it all, actually.

One of the Susan Dennis's who persists in giving out my email address instead of her own, apparently just bought a rental house in Tucson. According to the official sales/tax documents I received this morning, she got this little beauty for $215,000. It's such a gem, they dare not show any of the actual rooms.

Today, I think I'll sew up the dress I cut out yesterday. And, then the usual.
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