Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did end up cooking this and it was a royal pain in the ass. Too many fiddly parts. Too many dishes dirtied. Too long to wait.

No-Stir Shrimp Scampi Risotto with Spinach & Lemon


But, OMG was it ever delicious. So good. And I have more than half of it left. I'm sure it's going to reheat beautifully.

lostincandyrain nailed the three things needed to make Dinerly excellent.

1. double all the meat/vegetable/cheese ingredients
2. ignore them whenever they say add sugar
3. have someone who isn't me cook them

My nephew agrees with No.1. He says the meals aren't enough for he and his wife. I find that they are mostly the perfect size for me. I only eat half at a time. I did improve one by adding meat to the second meal. I use pre-chopped garlic and pre-shredded cheese. Life is too short to waste it doing that stuff.

The food is yummy and, really, if they didn't use OnTrac, I might not have canceled - especially after tonight's dinner.

If I had No. 3 on her list, I would for sure be still a customer!
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