Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

un dull

I canceled Dinerly. And immediately felt a burden lifted. I don't have to cool tonight if I don't want to and, heck, I may want to by then.

I decided that this may well be the summer of fat dresses. I have 3 dresses that are comfortable, soft knits and huge. Nothing pulls, nothing tugs, and the air just circulates through them. No way would I wear them out in public. They are ok for going down to take the trash or get the mail but not so much otherwise.

But, where in the heck am I going anyway?? I did some looking on line to order up a couple more. I could make them but they use a lot of fabric and I don't want to deplete my stash. But I also don't want to spend the money they are asking in fat girl online stores. So this morning, I visited my fabric stash and found that I do have some options.

I started with some knit sheets I got at Goodwill. I got one dress sized and cut out. I may make a couple more just like it or use a different pattern. But, yep, this is going to be the summer of fat dresses.

Then I remembered I haven't watched this week's Sewing Bee episode yet. That perked me up considerably.

And the latest litter box I got Biggie has fixed the problem. I cleaned up all the flung litter and put the new box into service two days ago. Today, there is still no litter flung anywhere!

Susan 1 Biggie 0

Now I think I'll watch the Bee. Then make a trip down to the dumpsters. Then maybe do a treadmill 15.
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