Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I feel dull and kind of grumpy for no good reason. I took a bit of a different route this morning on my walk. It still included my boyfriend, of course, but I walked around one block that was different. I'll not be doing that again. I like the same. I like my rut.

I did get a good view of one particularly attractive window board mural on an art gallery.


It was hot in the bedroom last night and it's warm this morning and that may well account for much of my grumpy. I'm not ready to give up my cool mornings. I am grateful I have an air conditioner and I'm not afraid to use it. This is an old building that is well insulated with massive timber beams. It's great in winter. But making inside way warmer than outside is not that much fun in summer.

I think I just got my last Dinerly order. It finally showed up at 8 pm last night. And this morning, on my way out, I stumbled over the box and thought. Ugh. I have to cook tonight. Yeah, I think it's just not for me. I'm glad I tried it and now I know.

Yesterday, I got notice that the Living Computer Museum was closing. Years ago, I found this place which is actually just down the road from me. A group of old geeks had gotten together and gathered old hardware and set it up to run again. They charged $5 to see and were open a couple of days a week. Then they grew up. They got massive funding and bought the building and gutted it and designed three floors of old new computers and programs showing what had been and what will be. It was hands on. They had a little room of books that you could actually thumb through - old computer magazines and manuals and how to books. And actual working computers from mainframes to PCjr. It was a wonderful, beautiful space. As soon as they offered memberships, I bought one and renewed every year. And now they are done. Maybe not forever. I hope not forever. They closed early on because being hands on was not to virus friendly. But now they are giving up on reopening. I'm very sad about this.

Biggie only eats dry kibble. From his kibble tree. Which I fill up every day. The other day, I was cleaning off shelves and found this wine carafe and thought that it would make a great holder of the spare kibble. Too heavy to knock over, and too small an opening for him to just graze from. The next day, I looked over and saw this.

Biggie 1 and Susan 0


The carafe now lives on the mantel.

I have no plans for today. I'm hoping for two sessions on the treadmill of at least 15 minutes each, and a shower and then that dinner cooking thing. That's it, that's my plan.
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