Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My new monocles!

texasts suggested that what I need to fix my seeing issue was a monocle and he was not wrong and now I kind of have one and it works! I bought cheap readers from Amazon and, after much work popped the lens out of the left side so that the left is not corrected but the right eye is. And it works fine and dandy. This will hold me over til I can get to the eye doctor. Yeah!!

I started work on clearing my shelves and putting more yarn up there but the rest of my yarn looks sloppy so I'm making it all into yarn cakes. I'm about half done and am on a break now that probably will last until tomorrow.

On Twitter and LJ and Instagram, lots of people are out and about. But out my terrace, I see no one and I hear no one. It's weird. Ok, but weird.

The unit just below me went just listed for sale $630,000. They haven't posted interior photos yet. I can't wait to see. It is an exact replica of my unit, just one floor below.

Tonight is breakfast for dinner. My Sunday night goto. The hardest part is remembering what day of the week it is.

Wow, is it ever cool to be able to so easily see the words I'm typing!
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