Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Grocery day!

Finally my fridge and I agree. We need groceries. I've always wanted to be organized enough so that I'd use up all my groceries before I go buy more. I've never even come close. Until now. I'm not on it exactly but I do have one whole empty drawer. And one very nearly empty shelf. BV I rarely went one week without popping into one grocery or another. Now it's two weeks. I'd love to stay on this schedule.

I sure do miss Trader Joe's tho.

My new desk turns out to be good for my posture and eyesight. I end up hunkered down over my laptop both out of laziness and ease of reading. Now, when I'm basically just reading stuff, I can easily raise the table up to head height which I can sit up straighter and see more easily. This is good.

Turns out, Biggie has gone vegetarian. Yesterday evening, I found a bit pile of cat barf in the hallway. Upon examination, I discovered 2 nearly whole flies in there. Way better than foam bits but still. So far, he seems ok. He did his usual last night. Climb up into bed, snuggle into me and proceed to bathe himself thoroughly. And this morning, he seems a bit more calm than usual but ok. I'd love to see him eat something but he rarely eats in the morning anyway. So we're watching...

It's another lovely, cool and cloudy day out. I have not yet had to even turn the air conditioner on. Nice.

The next big clean up is the bedroom/bathroom. The bedroom is fine but the bathroom needs work. The big stuff - toilet, tub, etc are fine but the floor still has some litter on it in the corners from when the litter box was in there. And the baseboards need putty knife work on them. That all may happen today... or tomorrow.

Ooops. here's a downside to the great desk real estate. Biggie now sees no reason why he can't roam it at will. It's so hard to see through a cat. Next time, I'm getting a transparent one.
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