Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Successfully internetted...

The new router is in and working just fine. I have 39 devices that use the internet. And they are all now happily using the new wifi. It was not even a particularly painful operation. So whew. There is one problem I am trying to solve that I can't test for 24 hours but otherwise, things are fine.

I'm thinking about a grocery run again. It's been 10 days since my last one and I'm out of some basics, like lunch stuff. The grocery I use for pickups has a lot more times available now. So I can pretty much pick up whenever I want. I have the shopping mostly done and waiting at the website. This is quite a handy way to do it. I just go back to the website as I think of things to add or take out. I started this shopping trip a week ago. When I'm ready, I'll say 'ok', pay and pick a pick up time.

I might to a pickup on Monday or maybe Tuesday. I cannot imagine there is going to be a big run on groceries for Memorial Day but why take a chance and get in the mix when I don't need to.

I tried a new allergy pill this morning. I expected it to make me sleepy but so far it has not. And also so far my nose has not done its daily marathon of running. This could be good.

I think now it's time for a little TV and knitting.
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