Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Another lovely misty walk this morning. The forecast said rain tonight but clear this morning. Happily the forecast was wrong. Walking in the mist is so refreshing.

One of the storefronts that had a mural on it got more murally yesterday. I didn't realize it was so unfinished before. It's quite amazing now.


My takeout dinner last night was quite delicious but the real prize is the leftovers in the fridge. I have at least one full dinner, two lunches and a nice set of sides to go with a steak. Luxury. I really think Dinnerly is excellent and a deal but, honestly, for me, meal delivery turns out to be very much easier and not that much more expensive. One Dinnerly feeds me twice for about $7 a meal. Last night's takeout will end up feeding me 4.5 times which comes to about $9.50. I do think I'm going to get at least one more round of Dinnerly because there are a couple of their dishes, I'd like to try my hand at making.

Today's big excitement will be swapping routers. The Nest Wifi is scheduled to be delivered today. It should be easy peasy but, there are a fair number of variables that could go wrong if I get slapped with an unlucky stick. Then, I'm assuming, the issues that are calling for the swap will be resolved and I'll need to wait 24 hours to make sure they stay that way.

I do hope Amazon has me on its morning run but murphy's law says it won't get here until late this afternoon so my expectations are properly set.

Nothing else, really, on the agenda. Biggie's getting his early morning nap in here next to me. I'm enjoying his regular little snores/wheezes. His stomach fur is growing back nicely ... again. He does seem to be growing out of his eat everything he sees phase. He will grab and chew but then his kitty ADD kicks in and he moves on to the next project. He also knows that if I see him at it, he needs to grab and run. Or just run.


I'm reading the new Marlo Thomas, Phil Donahue book where they interview long time married celebrities. It's like watching reality tv but with old people that nobody cares about. My kind of genre. I think maybe I'll kill an hour with that right this minute and then get on with my day.
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