Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Calm and quiet

Biggie's asleep next to me. I'm all caught up on the internets. I need to get dressed and make the bed but for now I'm just enjoying the cool and quiet.

I've had issues with my Eero routers. They did a firmware upgrade recently and, coincidentally, I started having issues. Their support people can't nail the problem. I bought Eeros way back when they were outrageously expensive and new to the world. They were a hungry startup and used to send me swag. A coffee mug, a blanket and other stuff. Their customer service, which I rarely ever even needed, was outstanding. Then they were bought by Amazon and now here we are. The ball is now back in their court and I do not expect to hear from them. Tomorrow a Nest Wifi system will be delivered. We'll see..

It's because of the Eero issue, I'm convinced, that I've spent so much of the past few days on hold with various other customer services. But I'm pretty sure today will be hold free.

While on hold yesterday, I did a deep clean of my Google drive. I could buy more storage but I discovered that deleting shit and compressing other shit bought me 30% of what I already owned. I could also move it all to an external drive and off the cloud altogether but I like having so much of it handy.

My biggest library at this point is my Patterns. Sewing/Knitting/Crochet. It's so luxurious just to call up whatever I need from where ever I am.

And speaking of sewing. mikiedoggie had the most inspirational entry this morning. I love every single one of his fabrics. And want to sew with them all.

But today is a knitting day. I am about a half hour away from finishing one long term project and I have another I'm itching to start just after.

I've been watching Asian Americans on PBS and finding it fascinating. A whole lotta stuff I never knew before.

And speaking of Asian... tonight I'm going to have dinner delivered. But, I can't decide between fried chicken (Ezell's) and Asian (Buddahbruddah). Of course, it's only 9:15 am so I have some time but also I have nothing for lunch. I could get crazy and order lunch and dinner delivered but, nah. That's over the top for someone who has a freezer full of food.

Now I'm going to make the bed, get dressed and do some back stretches to start the day.
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