Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Double the price but Quadruple the gratitude

I did. I took the car - which still runs, yeah - and went to the Amazon dropoff location. I needed to return the monitor I did not keep and my usual option of leave it for UPS pick up would have cost me $8. Dropping it at Amazon cost me $0. Easy choice.

It was fun, and different to be outside in daylight when other people are out. Most everyone I saw was masked. One guy on a bicycle was not and I saw one other person walking alone who was not.

Twitter says that traffic in Seattle is picking up, but not around here. Had I made that trip in January, by the time I waded through traffic at that hour, it would have taken me twice as long. My trip took me by the baseball stadium and they were, indeed, working on that north entrance. So encouraging to see that.

My new monitor is cool. It attaches to my laptop via magnets so very easy to pop on and off if I want. For some reason it seems odd to look to my left but I don't want it sticking out the right and taking up precious desktop space. I wish I could find a table like this one with a bigger top but so far, no joy.


If I had a bigger table top, I could pop the screen off and prop it next to the laptop and use it vertically which would be fun. Maybe some day.

Years ago I started using Pepsodent toothpaste. Plain old white Pepsodent in a giant tube that I got at the dollar store... for a dollar. When the pandemic hit, I only had one tube in my stash. I'm now getting to the end of that tube. But, I found some on Amazon. $12 for 6 tubes. No problem. Yep I could get it cheaper at the dollar store but, I'm totally willing to pay the freight this time. Hopefully, by the time I get to the end of tube 6, I'll be able to go to the dollar store myself and stock up.
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