Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A Reminder...

I have a nearly invisible case of COPD most of the time. I do get short of breath when I do stuff but I honestly think that is more old age and obesity than COPD. But every once in a while, I get a full on Asthma attack that is just the most horrible thing. I had one yesterday. Not the worst but bad enough to remember how horrible they are. Happily I was very near my pills and rescue inhaler. And, no one else was around to suffer it - cause, trust me, it's not pleasant and not something I'd like to share. And my chest muscles today feel like someone did CPR on me.

Dust did it. I just can't tolerate the stuff. I pulled out the old pet door which was disgustingly filthy and proceeded to clean it up. Around the frame were piles of sooty dust that attacked me. Fortunately, it waited until I was done. But, ugh. My lungs are shit. Covid-19 would just polish them right off.

Amazon is saving me. So many have so much hate for Amazon for so many reasons but it is saving my soul and my lungs right now. When I need something, I just tell Amazon and I have it. Safely. Today was allergy pills.

Yesterday and tomorrow is a new second monitor for my chromebook. I've been looking for a while and finally found what I wanted on Saturday and ordered it from Amazon. Then on Sunday, I was reading reviews and information about it and discovered an even better one. So I tried to cancel the first one and could not. I ordered the second. I figured I'd just d a comparison and send the loser back. I actually found a third much cheaper option but I'm not going to order it until I reject both of the other two.

One came yesterday. It's the most expensive and, for other reasons as well, my second choice but it does enable me to see proof of concept and it's wonderful. I have one screen with scrolling twitter feed and/or my knitting or crochet patter and another screen for everything else.

Whenever I make batch breakfasts, they are a little different every time. Some great. Some meh. Once in a while I get a total fail. I always think, I really need to measure so I can repeat correctly! And I never do. But the batch I made yesterday was so good, that it must be duplicated. It was also the most simple. I'm pretty sure I can recreate it and next time will measure properly so that am sure for sure. Surely.

Biggie was on my lap this morning and I tried a nail clip and he actually bit me. Broke the skin a little. I clipped anyway and we discussed it. And then he wandered off. When I looked up again, he was beside me... bringing me Sticki, e! We hadn't played in quite some time. I felt like it was a peace offering. We had a lovely round of Stickie to celebrate. He's such a funny cat.

His cat door, asthma aside, is in. It looks a little janky with the paper collar around the foam but, hey, I think it will get the job done just fine. And give Biggie access to his birds and flies.


This morning on my walk, I happened on the hanging basket people preparing to hang a new batch! I noticed yesterday that the baskets were all missing. I suspect tomorrow, they will all be newly hung.


They are such a wonderful piece of my neighborhood.

Baseball seems to be moving towards a season of some sort. But, without fans in the stands. I cannot imagine how that will be but I also cannot imagine safely attending a baseball game. On the upside, my season tickets for the 2021 season are now paid for!
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