Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, bring it, you stupid sun

I'm ready. This is the third year for this air conditioner and set up was fairly easy. It lives behind a curtain in a little alcove next to the fireplace. It is huge but it is also on wheels so old lady doable.


I turned the hose vent upside down this year to keep the floor clear for both Biggie and Eufy. Also that hose gets warm so maybe help keep it from getting too warm.

Above it is... stryofoam. When I first stuck it there, Biggie tried to get at it. It's a little high for him to get a good grip. My plan was to cover at least the bottom 10-12 inches but maybe I won't need to. He's left it alone.

I really wish I could noodle out some way/box/doorway/hole so that when the door is closed, he can still get out to the terrace. It would not have to be big and I could set the whole vent mechanism on top of it but I can't figure out how to fashion it. I'll keep thinking.


There was pure joy, however, when I fired up the app on my phone and clicked it to cool life. Ahhhhhh. If I do not use it for a month or more, I'll be very happy. It's just lovely to know it's there and it's ready.

Here's my setup/takedown dates with today in the mix.

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