Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The heat cometh but only for two days

Somehow I got it in my head that it was going to get into the 80's today and stay that way for the next 10. WRONG! I get unreasonably stressed about hot weather and I can't seem to control it. Not the weather, I know I can't control that but it does seem ridiculous to get my panties in a pretzel over being hot.

Anyway, I just looked and we only have hot for today and tomorrow. Monday is a cool down with a bonus... maybe rain! So I can deal. My floor space heater turns into a floor fan. The shades are down now blocking the morning sun. All is fine.

I see on Twitter and Instagram that we must have compassion for the poor plight of the seniors. I'm heartened and comforted until I realize they mean high school or maybe even college seniors. Why in the heck could they not have picked a different euphemism for old people??

And, speaking of age. I spent a fair amount of time last night with my brother and his two sons. The boys are now 39 and 41. But, of course, to me, they are still kids. Our conversation rambled here and there and we got on the retirement place where my folks spent their last years. It was a posh joint and the boys really liked visiting there. But the one thing they mentioned last night was seeing General Westmoreland (who lived there, too) in the dining room and how weird and kind of creepy that was.

I was really surprised that 1. They knew who General Westmoreland was and 2. They knew to be creeped out by him. He was the guy who was on the TV every night reporting how many men had been killed that day in the Vietnam war. He led them to slaughter and then gave us the tally on the nightly news. For what seemed like years and years. But it was all before those two boys were born.

But, still, they got it. I was impressed.

And, they were impressed that I had seen the original black and white House on The Haunted Hill movie - first run in a movie theater. Hey, ya pick up yer cred where ever you can.

Nothing planned for today. The house needs about 15 minutes of pick up and put away. My nephew mentioned a streaming TV show to try out. There is knitting. Oh and I have garbage and recycling to take down to the dumpsters. And my third Dinnerly dinner to make. Ok so really busy day planned!!
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