Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I've been left at the sidewalk. My boyfriend was MIA again today and there was a different laptop opened up at his spot. No person, just a laptop. At least there is still a reason to round that last corner every morning. Who/what will be at that window?

I don't miss a whole lot. It's not like I had a job I went to every day or a weekly party on the calendar, but swimming. I so miss swimming. My body misses swimming. Part of that missing business is knowing that when gyms open again, my old pool won't be an option for me.

I'll go maybe once, but not more. The bridge I took to get there is closed and the work around is too cumbersome to do every day. The city pool nearest me didn't have a great schedule of swim times before and I'm sure it will be worse now.

There is one pool, not far from here. A few years ago I looked into them and got on their mailing list. Now I'm getting Covid-19 updates. Last night, the update included steps they will take when they reopen and one of those steps is special times set aside for old people! This gym is really expensive but at this point, I'm ready to pay. Plus, it's salt water which is just lovely to swim in.

Nothing on the agenda today. Maybe laundry. Definitely a shower.
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