Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting it done!!

I went threw every single pile o' yarn in this house and ruthlessly culled all but the very best - best feel, best color, best chance of being actually knitted or crocheted. I filled 4 tall kitchen bags with the rest. I killed 3 works in progress. There was never going to be any more progress.

I rediscovered two works in progress that actually have a future. I have two more in progress as well and a third planned but may actually be still born with that yarn going to something else.

I had nearly 10 skeins of sock yarn that I might, someday make socks out of, but the stuff was butt ugly. And I hate working with ugly yarn. It must have been one hell of a bargain.

I also emptied and reorganized my bag that holds hooks and needles and stitch markers and stuff.

Then I broke my pledge and left the house. I pilled everything into the car and drove it to Goodwill. They had a great set up. Cars lined up and they let about 4 in at a time. There were giant cardboard boxes. You drove in and emptied your stuff into the boxes and drove out. It was all very orderly and nicely done. except for one couple I saw in a car unloading stuff, all the workers and the rest of the donators all wore masks and most wore gloves.


It was sad to see the store closed. I was dying to pop into Uwajimaya, which is on the way home, and pick up a poke bowl for lunch but I was good and just came on home.

I cleaned up the mess I'd made and then made 6 egg and cheese quiche muffins which just now came out of the oven and look delicious.

Eufy is doing the living room now. I really wanted him to do the back rooms but he ignored the magnetic tape. We may have to have a chat.

I changed up Biggie's litter box yesterday and he's been a trouper about it. He's a litter kicker and he was making a mess. So I ordered up a box with a rim on it only turns out that box is way smaller than the one he's been used to. On the up side, it means I can put all the litter stuff (the bag holder, the scoop, the whisk broom) all inside the litter box cabinet which is fabulous. It looks so much nicer. Thanks, Bigs for dealing with the change so gracefully.
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