Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's kind of chilly out. I don't mind a bit. And it's windy. I need sun glasses on my walk, not for the sun but to fight the wind.


One thing I love about these murals is the signatures. I find them on Instagram and see what else they have done. I cannot imagine what a thrill it must be to create something like this and then have it there to drive by and see whenever you want. Seattle has always been a great mural town but this pandemic has turned it into an outdoor art gallery that is just wonderful.


Oh and the promised PayScale finito


I never got much sewing done yesterday. So that's top of today's agenda. For me. Biggie is busy with bug catching. Some, I'm convinced, are imaginary but it's keeping him busy.

I'm at the end of a book so I'll be hunting for the next listen. And there may be treadmilling. no promises.
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