Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whoa! First possible pitch... August or later?

Washington State's governor just laid it all out for us.

Our stay at home is in place until May 31. And we are not yet all the way into Phase 1 yet. But, he says we could be by May 15.

He says there will be 2 to 3 weeks in a phase. So say we hit Phase 1 on May 15, then Phase 2 will happen towards the middle of June and so it will be July before I get to swim again and August before I can go to a Mariner game.

Moving from phase to phase is number dependent. He outlined what numbers of cases/deaths have to meet for how long before we move to a phase. It's pretty darned straightforward and logical.

Plus he said that other counties - those in the middle of the state who are in better virus shape than those in the more populated areas - will likely be able to move through the phases more quickly.

It all makes sense to me and I am very impressed with his plan. I'm sure glad I live here.

On the other hand, Seattle's mayor is sounding like phase 4 will not be here in Seattle this year. I don't have the same respect for her that I do for the governor but she is the mayor.
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