Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If you need me, I'll be right here

I had a long talk with myself and we decided delivery and curbside grocery pickup until further notice. They are opening Goodwill donations this weekend and I might drop some stuff off in a week or two or when my pile gets too high. But, otherwise, I really can't see going anywhere until they open up the swimming pools.

I did get my Costco meat via Instacart. That makes two very successful Instacart deliveries from Costco and one very unsuccessful Instacart delivery from Fred Meyers. Lesson there.

And I added to my QFC order that I will pick up tomorrow from their curbside service.

I'm just going to keep my judgy, old COPD self right here inside this house except for my morning walks around the block. Even people in my building are prancing around without masks which I do not understand. Our hallways are narrow and our elevators are certainly smaller than 6 feet. It is mostly, though, the younger people. Us oldies are all masked up. Judgy judgy.

BUT I will say that everyone is adhering really thoughtfully to the unwritten anywhere rule of no elevator sharing. That's been very surprising and quite welcome. "You want this one (elevator car)? I'm in no hurry." Nice.

I forgot to document mural progress this morning.


This guy looks like he'll be done today so I'll get more close up pix tomorrow.

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