Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Plan B... with a reward!

I wrestled the sofa cover off and spot treated the area and put it in the washing machine with my fingers crossed. I hope the stain comes out and the cover does not die in the process. The washing instructions say do not tumble dry. Crappity Crap crap. Happily it is a dry day here so I can hang dry on the terrace.

But, then I thought... hmmm why live with a naked couch until tomorrow or whenever that thing dries?? So, yeah, I opened the box of the replacement. And, turns out, it also has replacement bolster covers and replacement frame covers. Youza. I put all that stuff in the back of the closet and put the new mattress cover on. Turns out, I cudda just swizzled it on the other way - moving the stain to the back! ha. Oh well done now and next time I know.

When I went to the back of the closet to store the other stuff, I found summer duvet filler that I thought I had Goodwill'd! Yeah. I had been thinking about making a duvet cover anyway and this will be perfect. I could use my quilt as the filler but this is better. Lighter.

My brother is on the road to pick up a new family member. A 3 year old poodle mutt named Bolt. I am following him on the road.


Bolt is currently in Tyler, TX (4 hrs from my brother's house) living with a woman who has decided she's too old to keep up with him. So he's going to get a new family. Fun to watch the trip.

Ok, the cover is now out of the wash and it seems to have survived just fine. It's not dry yet, of course, but I cannot find the stain so maybe...
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