Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Steak is the new toilet paper

So yesterday I mentioned that Costco had shortages but not on steak and pork which is what I wanted. Then last night on the news they said that the meat cutting plants in the midwest were having to close due to the virus so the meat supply chain had a very weak link.

So yeah, blame me when you can't get hamburger. But, seriously folks. I do think I will make my Costco run sooner than later. But not today.

I still have some and last night I signed up for Dinnerly which will be bringing me 3-6 dinners next Tuesday. I've looked at all the meals in a box plans for about a year now and never found one that looked appealing. Mostly the menus were the issue. I do not want 'healthy' food. I want food that tastes good. And I do not want want the 'chef experience'. I want easy. Plus, since I have to order as if there were two people here, the meals need to also shine as leftovers. Dinnerly is the only one that seems to meet my stiff requirements so I'm giving it a shot. Also my brother has actually tried a couple of the others and Dinnerly and votes for Dinnerly.

So Tuesday.

Today I need to go back to my QFC order and remove about half of it. No need any more.

Today is also laundry day. Everything in this house needs a wash. Including me.

Also this couch cover. I bought a spare cover so I would not have to worry about it's getting stained or dirty but it is also washable. There's a spot where I spilled that won't come up with my miracle cleaner so I think I might just take it off and wash it. And hope that the spot comes out and it doesn't ruin it. But, if it does, pull out the spare. That's the plan anyway. It's a major PIA to get off and on again but this spot is driving me crazy. And.. it's not like I don't have the time.

Walk report.

PayScale guy is making progress.


And the new one is really impressive so far.


I caught Biggie distracted last night by something on the ceiling... a shadow?

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