Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of the day

I finished my top and I really like it. I do wonder, tho, how much wear I'll get out of it. Especially if I never leave home again!



This shows the peekaboo pocket which I just love.


I also made a new/different kind of face mask. I'm running out of fabric with the Seattle Mariners logo. But, I also now have 3 masks -three different types. I only have one face, so I think I'm probably set for now. Two of them are really easy to breathe through and the other one is heavy duty protection.

I got an email today about Mariner tickets. They are refunding the money spent on March/April/May tickets and it will hit our accounts on the 8th of May. There is an options and incentive to keep the funds in the account for use this year or for rolling over to next. Coolio.

No Minor League baseball this year. At all. I really feel badly for all those players who worked so hard to get to that lowly level and now to have that jerked out from under them. And to the concession people and people who run those old rickety ballparks. What a sad Summer they will have. [edit: just saw a tweet that the death of the minor league summer might be pre-mature...]

Our governor just held a press conference that was not his finest. He said the Stay at Home Order will not end on the 4th. He gave no clue when it will end. He said they were looking at opening hospitals for elective surgery. I sure as shit hope so. Haven't you been looking at that ever before??? He said the number of deaths is too high to open anything back yet. What's the number you are shooting for dude? Usually he's so crisp and clear and focused and today he was just reading slides. If the virus doesn't kill us the boredom of press conferences like that one will.

I've been downloading the British Sewing Bee each week for the past few series fro a subreddit that provides downloads to lots of UK shows we can't get. However, I noticed this morning that the link to last week's episode was removed by the Reddit police. So all day I've been worried about being able to get this week's episode but I think I have a Plan B so the heat's a little bit off for now. I hope.
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