Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The artist at PayScale is making progress.


AND... we have another whole building setup as canvas! This is not THE official Mariners team store but one of several souvenir shops. It, like PayScale is on the back road that leads to the stadium.


The design is already chalked out faintly. The weather is supposed to be rain free today so probably more to see tomorrow.

I just read that Costco is going to start requiring that all shoppers wear face masks. For me this is great news. I could just be kidding myself but I feel safer with everyone masked up. So safe that I might just consider a Costco trip. I'm running low on steak and ribs, both of which are plentiful and best at Costco. It would be great to replenish. Maybe next week. Also I could top off the gas tank, for no good reason.

I did create a large grocery order at the QFC website yesterday. For pick up Saturday morning. I might kill it, but I might not. I am harboring no delusions that they will have everything on the list but I'm pretty sure they will have the produce and that's what I really want. I can make changes up until Friday midnight which is the only reason I went ahead and made up the order. Picking it up was so easy last time.

I have only the sleeves left to finish my new top. And then I have a couple of other small sewing projects in mind.

Nothing else on tap for today.
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