Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thinking back

When I look back at the 70's (1970's) the first thought that comes to mind is sex without condoms. We didn't even think of it. I never actually saw one until I was well past 30 years old. "Protection" meant safety against pregnancy and everyone was on birth control pills so no need.

Free sex.

I probably won't live long enough but if I did... live long enough to look back on the 20's (2020's) the first thought that would come to mind is breathing without masks.

Fresh air. Hugs. Handshakes.

I am not a touchy feely huggy person but it does amaze me how we just turned that all off like a light switch.

I cannot imagine having sex now without a condom. I haven't had sex with anyone in years and years but, still, there are condoms in the drawer next to my bed.

I can absolutely see a time when kids will look at movies and TV where people are hugging or shaking hands and be all ewwwwww gross.

Sea changes. How amazing to have lived long enough to see them in action.

Today's walk was hard. My back hurt and I was not into it at all. But, I do have a new boyfriend. Towards the end of my walk, there's a guy at a laptop in a street level window. He's sitting there facing the window and I wave when I walk by and he waves back. It's our thing. It gets me through the tough middle of my walk - I'm almost to my boyfriend.

It's a little disconcerting that I've been making that relatively simple, short walk now every day for 29 days and it's honestly no easier than day one. I had hoped to maybe make it longer just a bit - go down to the other end of the baseball stadium but I'd probably not even make it as far as I do without the reward of my boyfriend's wave.

On the up side, my stomach skin situation is improved. I think I got it in time and just now need to keep an eye out and make sure it says dry and friction free. The other day I did google the condition and OMG ugly doesn't begin to cover what could happen. So yeah for better.

Today I want to get a handle on food. I'm out of fresh but the freezer is still going strong. I'd like to hold off buying any new groceries until next week. Delivery and pick up times are getting more and more plentiful so I feel like it's safe to wait and place a medium sized order when I'm ready.

My fridge/freezer inventory list is fairly current. It just needs a bit of updating. So I'll get that done. I've saved a ton of money on food this month and, actually, everything. I've still got half a tank of the gas left that I bought in February.

And today there will be sewing.
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