Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I've got skin in the game

For a long time now I've had something called seborrheic dermatitis. It's a yeast based situation related to dandruff that happens to really white people. Basically my skin gets flaky and crusty in places. Often my face - chin, etc. Sometimes my scalp. Sometimes behind my ears. It itches and it can look gross but it's not fatal. Just annoying.

Now I have a patch the palm of my hand and one, weirdly, on the inside of my thumb.

And, now, thanks to no swimming, on my stomach. I have a fat belly that hangs over like fat bellys do. When I swim every day, it spends an hour all stretched out and exercised. When I don't swim, it rarely stays folded over all day long. Not good. I did not even think about it until today, in the shower when just brushing the wash cloth across it, hurt. So attractive.

Happily, on my last trip to Costco, I got the prescriptions filled to fix it all. It's expensive stuff but it works like a charm. At least it always has in the past. I've never had this stomach situation before so hopefully, it will fix that, too. I drew around it with black magic marker so I could know for sure whether or not the area is getting bigger.

So yeah, picture it. Fat lady, overhanging belly with red crusty skin in the folds now framed with black magic marker.

Whatta babe am I???!!!!

Biggie is long past due for his afternoon nap. He keeps bringing me Stickie. We volley for a bit then he'll play with it for a while and bring it back to me. Lather, rinse, repeat. I'm kind of over it but he's not. It did give me an opportunity to check on his belly hair growing back.


I got a mask that I can breathe through done and my shirt ready to assemble. A good little Monday.

I had to order some more magnetic strips to convince Eufy from more areas. He keeps getting stuck under the couch. The magnetic strips are easy to lay down and even move around and Eufy respects the magnets.

I've been hoarding my Trader Joe's Orange Chicken but I'm going to indulge tonight. My TJ shopping list is getting critical. They have senior shopping hours so I could get brave here in the next week or two. Might as well enjoy the chicken.

Turns out I just paid the Spotify bill so the decision to cancel has been delayed until mid-May. By then there might be more info anyway. I never listen to music at home. I just never think to crank it up. I did today, while I was sewing and cutting. I didn't really enjoy it. I turned it off and did enjoy the quiet. I guess I really just am not a music person.

Time now for my afternoon exercise... going down to the mail box and tossing out the junk delivered today.
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