Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A waste of spotify

It dawned on me - after a month and a half - that I'm wasting $10 a month on Spotify. I pay that because I use it to download music to the player that entertains me while I'm swimming. No swimming. No player needed. No downloaded Spotify needed. $10 pissed away. Monthly.

But. A while back they had this deal - free Hulu with Spotify. If I kill Spotify now, I lose that deal forever. I rarely watch Hulu but lately have been watching British Best Home Cook. So I need to finish that and then decide.

I heard on TV news last night that gyms might be the first things that open up. I would not hesitate to go to the gym to swim if it were open. Going back to my old one would be a problem because of the bridge closure but if gyms open, my pool options open, too. I would so love to need to download Spotify again.

My current mask is an N95 that I bought two years ago when the forest fire smoke invaded and breathing outside was hard. But outside now the air is fine - all I really need is 1. the appearance that I'm not a denier and am respectful of others and 2. some kind of minimal get-yer-germs-out-of-my-face-ness. The N95 makes it really hard to breathe and I'm not that great a breather on a good day due to COPD. Soooooo all that laborious entry is to say I hunted around for breathable, comfortable, doable mask ideas last night and think I found one that may work ok. I'm going to try it anyway. Make it out of my Mariners fabric. That's first on the agenda today.

I finally found a new book to read/listen to - Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan - I like how he is weaving the story. And I love that he has a nice little stable of already published books and is still writing - the latest came out just this past February. Always a delight to find a new (to me) author.

I've added listening to my walks. Oh new art today. I wonder if this one is outlined for color... we may find out tomorrow.


The PayScale guy got some more of his doors done.


And, now I need a shower.
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