Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail but really not

My new top is too small. It actually fits but I like room in my clothes. I normally make/wear knits that come with stretchy roomy. Woven fabrics come with none.

Happily, I actually have enough of each fabric to make a bigger roomier version and I'm totally up for it. I learned a few new techniques in this top and I'm anxious to redo to make sure I've got them down. So it's fine.

I've already refitted the pattern and made it true Susan Size. I'll cut out V 2.0 probably later today and get to work on it tomorrow. Plenty of fabric, plenty of time... It's fine.

And it's been a lovely way to spend time that's not sitting on my ass. So more is good.

I have a battery case that opens with a coin. I spent way too much time looking for a coin. I have none in my wallet. All the cash I have on hand is in bills. My screw drivers are all to thin. Seriously I cannot believe how much of a conundrum this was... and then I remembered my small pile o' foreign coins. Problem solved.

Except for that one payment to my house cleaner, I have not touched or needed any cash for six weeks and likely won't for six more or more. Maybe this will finally kill cash. Not a minute too soon if you ask me.

I think I'll go tidy up the sewing room and get it ready for tomorrow and then watch CBS Sunday Morning.

Probably breakfast for dinner.
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