Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept very much more comfortably last night. Of course, Fitbit says I slept as usual. What the hell does it know. Biggie has become quite the night time snuggler. For a while, he would snuggle up but then when I had to get up to pee he would disappear. Last night, he just sat on the bed and waited for me to come back and then snuggled in again. He curls himself up into the bowl of my spoon. I love it.

This morning he is busy with all things. I had hidden the Rover toy for a few days and brought it out again today. Clearly the way to go. He had gotten used to it. Not any more. I'm going to pack it up more often so that it's special again and again.

I got out early enough so I was home before the sun got a good start. These days that means leaving the house no later than 6:15. My walk was uneventful but nice. The artist didn't get any work done on the PaySource doors yesterday, but I did notice a large blank piece of plywood on a restaurant now has been painted dark blue. I'm hoping that's the background of something very cool to come.

5ish years ago, I had cataracts removed in both my eyes and monovision lenses installed. My left eye does the close up work and my right eye does the long view and together they have worked great. But lately I've found that the computer is more difficult to read and picking out stitches is harder to see, etc. I think it may be time for a lift - contacts or glasses. I could bugger up a solution if I had the option of dollar store shopping. But, probably just as well I don't. I need to get my eyes checked anyway.

I went to the clinic's website last night and the earliest they are taking appointments like eye check ups is June 1. So... guess a fix is not soon. s'ok. I can wait.

Today I think I'll finish up the new top. After that, plans are loose.

Biggie from on high...

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