Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

how am i still fighting the styrofoam battle????

I have one large styrofoam roller. I got it for my back. Biggie ate it once but, happily, got rid of it without surgery that time. I moved it to the terrace but it is too long to fit into one of the closets out there so I put it on top.

Today a gust of wind knocked it down. I saw it and rushed out there before Biggie could indulge. I stupidly just put it back. And then about an hour later, I noticed it was down again. Biggie was out there but not near it. He could have eaten some but somehow I don't think he did. I sure as shit hope he didn't.

It's now wedged so that it won't blow down but I honestly think it belongs in the dumpster. Right now the door is closed so if it does blow down, no cats can get to it. I will want to open the door before I go to bed so I think it had better make that dumpster trip this evening.

Dinner was delicious and as I was wiping down the counters after washing the dishes I was thinking, Boy, Amira (the house cleaner) is going to be so proud of me. I love that I'm keeping my house clean for my house cleaner.
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