Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Better, I think

I have done no exercises or stretches but I also have not spent all day on my ass. And that kind of feels better anyway. I got all wrapped up in my sewing project.


I'm making the shirt that is circled. The only changes are that I'm making it an inch longer so more tunic-y. And I'm adding pockets, of course, because that is the law in this house. They will be peekaboo pockets in the side seams.

The orange will be on the shoulders and back yoke and the neck trim. And, maybe, the sleeve cuffs. Jury's still out on sleeve cuffs. The rest will be that happy happy print. I picked up that print on my last trip to Goodwill. I love it so. The orange is from a gynormous stack of fat quarters (18"x22"). I got the stack at the garage sale of a Methodist Church a year or so ago. The woman working the garage sale said they were donated by a guy who's wife, a quilter, had recently died. I would have loved to have seen her quilt with those and whatever else she was using.

I have the project all set up and ready to sew together which I will probably do tomorrow.

My favorite bagel place finally got online ordering so I ordered and went and got a sandwich for lunch as well as some dessert for dinner and a loaf of rye bread. Easy peasy and the car battery is holding.

Eggy, cheesy, noodles for dinner with leftover steak and salad.

Life is good here today - most days but today for sure.
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