Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For the past two nights I've woken up and been too uncomfortable to get back to sleep easily. It's because I sit all day. I know it and yet I do nothing about it. While I try to get back to sleep, I make plans for how I'm going to fix it. And then, those plans disappear in day light.

This morning, I got up and went to Amazon and found 3 Prime Videos that have guided stretches and old people exercises. I'm hoping hoping hoping that 1. I don't hate all 3 and 2. I actually fire one up and go through it following along. I should do it mid afternoon but my get up and go is long gone by then. I think I might try one after I finish this entry and before I shower. Maybe.

If it stays rainy and cloudy, I might, instead, do another walk around the block. Maybe even a different block. Mid afternoon. Probably not. Ugh.

On the up side, Fitbit says I slept fine. So yeah?

I do need to find a book to listen to today. I started on and gave it an hour and quit and then another... an hour and quit. Now I'm on the hunt again.

I also have a new sewing project. One of my favorite pattern designers offered up a fun top pattern for $5 yesterday and I bit. I have the perfect fabric for it. It has a tricky bit at the shoulders which is also where I always need to make pattern changes so I'm going to make a partial faux version first. I'll probably to that this morning. Once that's sorted, I'll cut out the good fabric. The pattern is actually a clever and simple one - once I get the fit right.

The artist took advantage of a dry patch in yesterday's weather and got started on the back side doors.


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