Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I didn't even think to be grateful about this...

My zoom with my brother and his kids from all over the country is such a great lesson for me. We're locked down tight here in Seattle. Everyone's hair looks like shit. No one has been anywhere. There's a guy in a neighborhood north of downtown who goes out on his lawn at 5 every night and sings opera for 20 minutes every night. We're still closing streets so people can walk outside with adequate social distancing. I don't see much changing in the next six weeks or so and then only a little here, a little there.

But here, I have an abundance of news about my town, my neighborhood, my state. I have four different TV newsrooms to chose from, and one is really excellent. I have local blogs and other news sites that keep me up to date on what's what. Plus, there is a gaggle of city, county and state websites with rules, regulations, helpful tips and instructions about what to do.

My brother and his sons - particularly Iowa and Texas - are forced to get their news from Twitter. They have no tv news they can trust and no other way to find out what the rules are and what the schedule is.

Yikes! That would really make me crazy. So tonight I'm grateful for news and lots of it that I can trust.

soon_lee tagged me for a twitter thing that I don't quite understand. I started to ask and then decided no. I'm going to do it the way I interpret on my own. 7 days. 1 a day. A picture. No words, no people. One random picture a day for 7 days.

Also part of the bid - perhaps the fun of it - is also to nominate someone else but I don't think I know 7 people EXCEPT here.

So if you are on Twitter, join in #7daysofphotos
Tags: #7daysofphotos
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