Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The fix may be in!

In a comment conversation, rsc may well have fixed my TiVo/TV conundrum. The main thing that has been bugging me on TiVo does not appear in the previous UI and because of all the old boxes out there, you can still get/use the old UI. I have it on the bedroom TiVo so I thought, heck, I'll just swap. I rarely use the bedroom TiVo and never outside of baseball season.

But then I remembered you could roll back and so that's what I have done this morning and it looks like it worked. I liked the old interface but have trouble turning down new stuff so I adapted to the new until they went to far. Now my living room TiVo feels like a wonderful old irreplaceable pair of slippers. Thanks, Robert!

There's one major feature that I do love that is now gone but it may well be worth the cost. I can always switch it back if I want.

I've been trying out YouTube.TV and while there's lots to like, there's lots to not. Plus if/when we get baseball back and I decide to pony up for the baseball station, youTube.TV won't do me a lick of good. But, of course, no issue now.

And in other TV news, The British Sewing Bee started up again last night. They have the greatest opening montage and music of any show anywhere. Even better than Big Love and Six Feet Under which fought for top spot in my book forever. Anyway good to see the show and the new sewers. It's a wildly imperfect show that just delights me.

It's Seattle rainy out this morning. (That means the ground is wet, the air is wet the sky is gray but nothing is actually falling from the sky.) It makes my walk ever so nicer - cleaner, easier to breathe. But, it holds up the artwork.

Here's the full storefront that contains the panel I posted yesterday.


The artist, on Instagram, yesterday said he'll also be doing the backside. But, he has to wait for dry days. This is his 'canvas'. I can't wait to see what he does with it.


This is another shop down the block.


I got duped into paying for a service I did not want. My stupid. I called the 800 number and got nothing. I dug around the internet and found a more specific 800 number and got a telephone tree. I punched Speak to an Agent and I hit him with guns a blazin'. And he, from my telephone number, verified my information and said he would cancel and refund my money and I should see it in 2-5 days. I holstered my weapon immediately. I'll save those bullets for the next guy.

Now it's time to get my day going. First chore of the day - set Eufy to work. Such hard work, pressing that damn button.
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