Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

holy cracka moley! I went out... in the car!

I had two packages to return and one to pick up from Amazon so I did. It was weird. The train bridge they have been building for a couple of years all of a sudden has turned from looking like a construction site to looking like a bridge! There's a police tower now in the Home Depot parking lot. And, I was encouraged to see, zero traffic on the roads. I am going to have to get gas if I keep up this running around town, though.

I finished watch Belgravia and it was quite enjoyable. Six episodes was quite the right length for the story line.

Weird this Earth Day ... I remember the first one so well. I was a junior in college. We carved out time from our Viet Nam War protests to fix the earth. I'm sure if you interviewed any of us - us being the people I hung with - the non intelligentsia - we would have laid money on the fact that the earth would have been fixed by now and the war would still be raging.

I wonder what this pandemic would have looked like had it happened back then. Clearly way more like the 1918 one than this one for sure. I don't know how we would have done it without cellphones and the internet.
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