Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Laundry Day

Yep. That's the excitement around here. Laundry. It's ok. The house is in order. Eufy is keeping the detritus under control and all is fine, really.

It rained last night and the streets were wet this morning and everything was fresh and whatever was making me cough has given up the effort. Thank you.

Shops around here boarded up their windows pretty early on and for a while it was just plywood and then some started painting and then artists emerged and then, now, most of the plywood is covered with incredible art. This is just one panel of a magnificent 5 panel storefront on my morning walks.


I think I'll take a shower and then start that laundry and then figure out what comes next. I'm still enjoying these nothing days. One after another all the same. It's kind of evolved into a lovely pattern - at least for me. And Biggie.
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