Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat Dancer

Before the apocalypse, I ordered Biggie a new Cat Dancer. The one that msconduct gave him is really wearing out. This time, however, I ordered it with a base you can stick places. It had a long delivery time and I opted for even longer to get the e-media bonus. And then I totally forgot about it.
It arrived and it's a hit.


Plus when I walk by, I flick it and it's a massive hit all over again.

Because, you know, Biggie needs more cat toys. No, really. NOT!!! This living room looks like it is owned by a cat who lets a human in once in a while for feeding purposes. The longer I live the more cliche I get.

I have a cough. NOT a COVID-19 cough but a regular, COPD cough and it's making me a little nuts. First of all it woke me up last night and kept me up which is beyond rude. Yesterday it felt like something in the air was triggering it. On the up side, I have a good supply of the magical benzonatate pills. It's not bad. It's not worrisome. It's annoying. I'm going to keep the door to the outside closed today. This will annoy Biggie but, hey, Cat Dancer!!!

Last night I tested out YouTube.TV. I have it for 5 days for free. It's quite slick in many ways. And there is a lot to like. It's best bits are TiVo's worst and vice versa which makes it tough to compare - as delivery devices go. (I'm mainly looking at delivery. Content is a different story.) But, I did find that EPIX is part of the test so I watched the first two installments Belgravia which is a 6 episode series by Julian Fellowes. It was really good.

Ok, so I've now been up for more than 3 hours and done my walk and am not coughing so YEAH!!!! It's chillier out today so keeping the door closed is easy. My weather app says tree pollen is high today ... The Tree That I Hate just piles on.

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