Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Missing The Smalls

Biggie has taken a page from The Smalls handbook. Every once in a while - about once every other day or so, he'll hop up on the counter and sit by where the food bowl is or would be if it was out and give me the Feed Me eye. The Smalls did it every day several times a day. When Biggie does it, it just touches my heart a little.

I got the cat bed on the couch so they would have a place big enough for the two of them. I got it just before The Smalls died. So I'm trading it in for a smaller one. Biggie loves it so I'm getting the exact same kind just smaller.

Now that I'm no longer obsessing about eggs... hard boiled a few and made a great egg salad... I'm now obsessing over TV packages.

When we get baseball back, I think I'm probably going to make some changes. So I'm looking at various options and thinking them all through. I've had TiVo's of one model or another since the year 2,000. I'm thinking it might be time to say goodbye. Maybe.

Chicken for dinner - baked. With salad. I'm starving now but it's still a little early.
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