Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Non Easter egg hunt

I did not go for a walk when I woke up this morning. I got up and had coffee and internetted and showered and dressed and went to Uwjimaya Senior Hour.



Oeufs d' Riches.

I got two dozen jumbo. Life is excellent. it was a hard slog over there, though. I need to do it more often AND not slouch on my every day walk. It would have been easier had it been cloudy or rainy. The sun just triple the wear out factor for me and there are a couple of log stretches in the walk over there and back that have no shade at all.

But, it's done and all is good. The store had a lot of staff, plus they are remodeling so a lot of construction people but I ran into less than a handful of old people. I do appreciate that there was a guard weeding out the young'ins at the door. Every single face had a mask on. It did not feel unsafe.

The Eufy continues to delight. It's just so quiet. And it works. And the carpet is so crap free. And it beats the hell out of pushing a thing around and then having to find a place to store the thing. There is one spot that it keeps missing so when it finishes charging, I'm going to try a guided run.

I'm in the middle, well - a bit past middle, of an excellent book. Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman. It's just a great story. I'm listening to the audiobook. The author is also the reader. I usually hate that and will stop listening becuase authors generally can't read for shit. BUT in this case Catherine Steadman also happens to be an actor so a very good reader. Her next book is already out so I also have that to look forward to.

Time now to dig through my earbud pile and see if I can find some better bluetooth earbuds for walking. The ones I have been using piss me off and today was a last straw kind of piss me off. Time for a change.
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