Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My kingdom for eggs

The grocery pickup was fabulous. Easy breazy. Rolled up and the guy rolled out with the goods.

Driving through town was all kinds of weird. We have a lot of 5 street intersections with sequential lights - n/s goes left then n/s goes right then n/s goes straight, then e/w goes left, etc. When traffic is normal, you are entertained by watching the cars go by. When there are no cars, the traffic light takes several years to turn green. There is nothing nothing nothing longer. Christmas comes sooner. And I was not in a hurry.

I got home to discover that one of the things I really wanted, eggs. Was not included. AND to add insult to injury, instead of Egg Beaters, they gave me Egg White Beaters. yeah, no. No Spam. No cream. No country pork ribs. Massive sad face.

I think I can get eggs at the Japanese grocery across the way. They have senior hours from 8-9 every day. I think I'm going to brave it and go over there this week and see if I can score some.

I did get on chat and get a refund for those creepy and expensive egg whites. I mean that's like egg without the egg. Ugh.

They double bagged everything so my paper bag problem just got worse. But, overall, I'm not unhappy with the experience. And my car started up right away happily ... I am going to need gas, but at this pace, I probably have enough to last til Thanksgiving.
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