Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I took a chance and won!

There's a guy I do not know who is a chef here in town. Somehow he got on my Instagram feed and a week or so ago posted that his friends' restaurant was offering delicious deliveries. The food did look good so I checked out the website.

Tonight I ordered dinner them - no clue how it would be.

They are now my new favorite restaurant. I got prompt and informative texts - and the driver was nice, gloved and masked and spot on time. And dinner was outstandingly delicious.

Buddha Bruddah


The chicken is so crispy and flavorful and there is so much food. The slaw was good and rice, good, of course but that macaroni salad was heaven. And there is a bunch of other stuff on their menu that looks wonderful. After I ate, I went back to their website to see if they had a brick and mortar.

And they do and it's not far at all and I've passed it a million times and never saw it. I've seen it now! I'll be ordering again but it may be the first restaurant I go to once I can.
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