Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

feeling lucky

About an hour ago I got a text that my Safeway order was on its way and here's a link saying it would be here in 51 minutes. Hmmm could this be the Safeco order that I canceled? Well, this is awkward.

I hit the panic button and then changed my mind. No big deal. Oh wait. Here's the email saying they canceled it. And there's no order listed under my account on their site. And, so what? I wanted the stuff to start with so I'll just take in the order and tweak the QFC order I'm picking up tomorrow.

And then, 51 minutes later, the link went from almost here to LINK EXPIRED. The whole delivery was a hoax. Wonder if Driver Tom Armstrong is real?

Oh well.

Between Twitter and LJ and Reddit, I'm becoming more and more aware of people ill suited to this stay at home order. I mean I know it's been horrible for most people economically but I did not really focus on the damage that the isolation would do to some. Being by myself has always been my own go to. My Mom used to punish my brother and sister by sending them to their rooms. It never worked on me because I loved being in my room by myself with no one wanting to talk to me. I still do.

If I had to lay out a cash bet, I'd say that we'll (we being old people with lung issues particularly) will be stuck in isolation - don't go anywhere where they might be people - until mid-May and likely beyond. And, really, I'm ok with that. Yes, I'd like to swim again. And yes, it would be handy to pop out to the store to pick up whatever. But, if I can't, no big deal really.

But, I'm reading that this is not the case with many. People are suffering without other people. I'm sorry and I hope they get their people back soon.

My big issue here is finding the Eufy. He's so quiet. I can't tell if he's running or stuck and when he's stuck, I can't find him. But, just now,msconduct solved the problem!

I have some Tiles here that I don't use any more. You can click on them in their app and they beep. So I can just slap one on the top of Eufy and lost no more.

I should put another one on Biggie's neck. Sometimes I lose him but mostly it would crack me up to make him beep.
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