Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The goal

The goal is to make my morning walk a thing I do every single day and would feel broken if I didn't. Like brushing my teeth. And to make it around my route without having to stop and catch my breath at all.

I'm actually getting there. I only stopped twice today. Getting up and going out immediately is working well. It's me and a couple of homeless guys. It's cool and there's an ATM on my route should I ever again need cash.

Oh and another marker, I need to have it ingrained in such a way that I could skip a day or two if I needed to and still get right back to it the next day.

I'm getting there.

Yesterday's quiche muffins (really more muffin than quiche, it turns out) nuked beautifully to serve as breakfast with coffee this morning. Yum.

The new Eufy is sucking up all the debris around my house like a master. It has gotten stuck a couple of times and it's kind of hard to find. I do need fix one closet that it keeps trying to get into. But, the big surprise this morning for all three of us was when Biggie turned it on! When it's in its charging dock, all you have to do is hit the big blue lit spot on the top and it goes right to work. This morning Biggie hit it. hahahahaha.

I did run it this morning and, for the first time, the bin was not full when it finished. I think now, after running it a couple of times a day for two days, I can step down to once a day or once very couple of days. It is lovely to have all the dust and especially with zero effort on my part.

All my banking changes are pretty much done and settled in. I have a small bit of cash yet to move over but I think I'm going to wait a month to make sure I don't have some auto process in pace that I forgot about. And I have one new credit card yet to get set up. It's been a cleansing experience.

And speaking of cleansing experiences... I think I'll go pop into the shower.
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