Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This n' that

Eufy got stuck under a shoe rack just at the time his battery died. It took me a while to find him but he's now charging up again. I forgave him totally.

I got an invitation to a phone Q and A with the manager of the Mariners - for "a special group season ticket holders". I'm guessing all season ticket holders that said 'yes' are 'special'. Might be interesting. Not even zoom. I could do it naked. Will be interesting to hear what he has to say. At least we have not lost any games yet this season!

I gave my face mask an upgrade.


And I made quiche muffins. I haven't made them in forever.

Ingredients (quantities can vary widely)

-about 3/4ths of a one pound chub of sausage cooked and crumbled.
-about 6 eggs (I would have done 8 but I'm not egg rich right now)
-about a cup of half and half (wonder of wonders - that now nearly 2 week old half and half still smells fine)
-about a cup of bisquik (or flower with baking powder)
-about 2 cups gated cheese


Mix it all together and pour into muffin cups. Leave room. This stuff rises. It falls about 5 mins out of the oven but you don't want it spilling over.


350 degrees for about 30 mins and you are done!


As soon as they get room temp, I'll pop on the lids and put them in the fridge. Then about 30 seconds of nuking will make each an excellent little breakfast.

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