Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me, many thumbs up. Biggie, jury's still out

The Eufy arrived about 5pm yesterday. I set it up and let it charge. My intention was to charge it to full before I tried it out but, after dinner, I was playing with the remote and it started up. So I let it go.

It's been well over a decade since I had a Roomba. And, I'm guessing they've refined it a bit so comparing this to the robot vacuum of 10 years ago is not at all fair. Still... I remember the Roomba as horrendously loud. It was hard to hear the TV while it worked. It got stuck on everything and the brushes got clogged constantly and the bin had to be emptied every 10 minutes.

The Eufy is like it's genius twin. First of all it's so quiet. If I'm in the living room, I cannot even hear it in the bedroom next door. I hit the GO button this morning before I went to walk. It was working hard when I got home. It ended up going for an hour. Both times, last night and today, when the battery got low, it went home to charge up. Error free.

Ha! I forgot that I set it up to automatically start about 7:45, just to test. And just now, it started! I'm pretty sure it was not yet fully charged so it won't o long but, hey, Good Work on that scheduled run!

The bin is a nice size and has come close but not yet totally filled. The main brush needs cleaning every time but mainly because of sewing threads (which would have caused Roomba to go casters up entirely).

Bottom line, I threw out the box this morning. I am totally NOT sending this back. It's fabulous. Great decision.

Oh and all that random litter around the litter box cabinet? GONE!

But, speaking of cats... I can say for sure that Biggie is not 100% sold on his new toy. He watches it carefully, from a safe distance. Carefully, but also constantly. He'd better get used to it cause it's staying.


Ok, now the Eufy is charging again and Rover is on his 1.5 hour break and Biggie is napping it out.


And... in other GREAT news, turns out the QFC pick up grocery option may, indeed, be the best deal yet. I built up a list yesterday on their website and left it to see what would happen. It was still there today. Good. All I could see about pick up times was that the first available was tomorrow. Ok. So I finished it up and went to check out. There I got choices. Tomorrow at 4 or just about any time on Sunday. I picked 9 am Sunday. I am to go to their parking garage and park in a designated spot and then call them. (er, ah, which decade is this? text, plz but ok) and they will bring me my groceries.

THEN I got the sweet news that I can make changes to my order up until midnight tomorrow!! This is the best news ever. There is always always something I remember the minute I get my groceries into the house. Now, hopefully, I'll have a day and a half to remember that thing.

But the big news is that now I can use my eggs, since more will be coming. So today I think I'll whip up some quiche breakfast muffins.

And do more vacuuming, of course.
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