Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

4 stops away!

The robot vacuum that Amazon promised to deliver tomorrow is on its way today! The tracking page says it's 4 stops away. Yahooo!!

For the past couple of weeks when I order something from Amazon they have brought it a day to two days early. I love it but I will be glad when we get back to promised=real.

And I figured out another viable grocery situation. QFC is offering pick up at some of their stores including one about 10 minutes from here. So I could order on their website which has an excellent inventory and then go to pick it up. I could, actually, have made an order up this afternoon and picked it up this evening. Nice to have a safe option that is more current than next week or never.

Also it means I can feel more free to eat up what I have. I've been holding back on eating or using eggs for fear it would be a long time before I get more. I feel, now, like eggs are more possible.

It's quite warm out today - nearly 70 degrees - and that brings out those giant flies. Not a lot of them but some. And Biggie is in heaven. He's chasing them all over the terrace and has been all afternoon. He brought one inside - a not yet dead one - and chased it all over the living room until it finally escaped. He's so funny. And he will be sleeping good tonight.
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