Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lots of shopping - no getting

It appears that Safeway has kind of settled into a routine of delivery schedules. You can usually find a four hour slot (free) a week out. You cannot make changes after you check out. Last week, I put together an order to be delivered Saturday. As Saturday gets closer, I find the order needs tweaking and I don't need anything that soon so I kill that order and place another one for next Wednesday.

At this rate, my grocery shopping is not only safe as safe can be, it's free and I don't even need to find room on shelves or in the fridge!

Yesterday brought a giant blow. The bridge that connects me to my pool will not be open again this year and probably not next year either. So no more swimming in that pool. I may go back one when they open just to prove to myself that a daily trip the long way round is a stupid idea. But I know it is. At least I maybe can say bye to my friends there.

I have some not-nearly-as-good-as-that-one-was options when the world opens again. So I have decided not to worry about it until then.

This morning I hit the pavement a little after 6 am and went a different way and ran into way too many people. Dog walking, window washing, people. I'm going back to my old route tomorrow.

Today's job is to clear the way for the robot. I remember from the Roomba days all of the little things that stopped its work. So today I'll go around and tidy/fix/remove all those things.

Other than that it will be Stay At Home As Usual.
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