Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie to Rover: I can't quit you

So Rover woke up for his 10 minute workout a little bit ago. Biggie came out from the closet where he was napping to check it out. They swatted at each other for a bit and then Biggie turned and walked away. Then Rover started flapping and he went back. Then he walked away, then he went back. This went on over and over and over again. So funny.

And come Friday, there will be a new sheriff in town. In trying to noodle out my vacuum situation, I looked at all of them and fell in love with none because if I got a vacuum, I'd have to actually vacuum. Years ago I had a series of Roombas. The concept is solid but, at the time, they weren't developed enough. Times change so I looked again. And while Roomba is still, it appears, to be king, there are lots of other excellent players. So I looked at all of those and ended up ordering a Eufy 30 from Amazon. It will be here Friday.

I went down the hall to start cleaning in the sewing room and remembered a shirt I had started and not finished. So I finished it. Instead of cleaning. Tomorrow will be soon enough to clean.

The cleaner picked up her money that I had taped to the door. Whew. That I had cash I owed her and no way to get it to her was really bugging me. No more. Whew.

I changed out the comforter. I love my Spring and Summer bed linens. The winter one is great to snuggle under but I don't like how it looks on the bed. Not so with the Spring and Summer ones. They make me smile every time I walk by.

Now it's time to clean the kitchen. I don't think I even washed the plate from last night's dinner yet.
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