Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trying out new things

Way back when - in the olden days - I swam every morning. I'd wake up, suit up and be out the door. I had coffee and breakfast and internet when I got home. I did this mainly to avoid morning rush hour traffic but I also just liked it that way.

These days, I've been getting up and having coffee, sometimes breakfast and then hitting the street for my walk. This morning I changed it up. I got up, got dressed and hit the street. I had coffee and breakfast when I got home.

Was it better? I honestly don't think it matters. But it was worth trying.

Last night I got a text from my house cleaner. She said she was going to come in and clean Chris's house (across the hall) and did I want her to do mine? Dilemma... I could let her in and go drive around for a couple of hours but then my heretofor safe house wouldn't be so safe. It would be clean, however. I opted for no. I texted her back that I'd rather wait until the Stay At Home order was lifted. My house isn't that dirty. I've been keeping up with stuff pretty well. And I don't want to drive around.

I told her I'd leave the money I owe her on my door. Hopefully, she can come clean again on May 13. Biggie will be happy to see her for sure.

He continues to love his new toy - Rover. I swapped out Rover's yellow antenna for a feathered one. He chases it now, whether it's on or on a break. I am a little concerned that Rover is going to rove somewhere and I won't be able to find it. But, so far, it's stayed in finding territory.

Today I have house todos. It's time to swap out the winter comforter for the spring one and the area around the litter box needs attention and probably it wouldn't hurt to run the vacuum over the whole house. My vacuum is a stick model meant for touch ups. It really doesn't do much. The house cleaner has a Dyson that would suck the spots off a leopard so it's usually all I need. I've been kind of vacuum shopping for a while and may do more today.

So, you know, just this and that - another day of the same and still, I don't mind one single bit.

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