Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I spent a lot of time today in spreadsheets and on websites making changes, checking, etc. It felt very productive.

I finally heard from the pet insurance company. They said that until they had a medical history, they couldn't be sure but likely bowel obstruction surgery for Biggie would be covered. Did I want a medical history review? Yes, please. Surprise, surprise guess what's not covered. They deemed that in his case, eating random shit was considered pre existing.

OKDOKE, cancel and refund, please.

I spent some more time with a small piece of hardware that I'm testing that I cannot talk about but is interesting.

The HOA president asked me to serve on the security committee. She said that they would meet in May via Zoom. I said ok. They need me since the building manager is so clueless and so much revolves around the mesh router my brother installed for them and the Nest cams that I put in. We'll see.

I swapped out the yellow bob on Biggie's new toy for some feathers and he went nuts. While the thing was turned off. More nuts when it fired back up again. So funny.

Also I discovered that lots of HGTV shows are on Hulu. I hate Hulu but I do have a free account so if/when I ever get a jones for some home repair, I can get it easily.

And The Great British Sewing Bee starts a new season next week. I'm very ready.

Time now to go down and get the mail.
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