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Our homeowners meetings are held in our building's lobby. It's relatively smallish room with soaring (probably 50 feet) ceiling and cloaked about 50% in Italian tile. If you want to say something and be misunderstood or not heard, that's the room to do it in. Meetings held in there sound exactly like 50 Charlie Brown teachers talking at once.

But, last night, they held the meeting over zoom. Wonder of wonders you could actually hear what was being said! It went on too long by half but, since I could knit, get up and go pee, get up and get water, watch the news (closed captioned) on TV, it was lovely. At the end of the meeting, they let non board members speak and I pointed out how unusual it was to actually hear them and voted to have all meetings be zoom meetings. A couple of the board members agreed with me enthusiastically.

On the other hand, holy crap are condo people stupid. But, fine. They started down the road of discussing this one topic and tossed out a bunch of really horrible and thoughtless suggestions for solutions. I was getting pissed and frustrated until then, magically, one of them tossed out the perfect answer and they all agreed! I must remember that example next time they have a bout of group stupid. (I am so not a team person.)

I ordered a relatively expensive "I'm Sorry Your Brother Died" present for Biggie and it came yesterday and it is an unmitigated success. It's hard to explain how cool this toy is.

It's USB charged. Then it rolls around on the floor this way and that and spins with blinking lights. (It's great on the carpet which is rare for toys like this. In fact, it's better on carpet. I think it would be loud on a hard floor.) The movement is random in space and time and real estate. It moves and then it stops for maybe 30 seconds and then it goes again and then it stops. After 10 minutes of this, it stops for 1.5 hours.

Biggie is obsessed. He mostly watches it and once in a while interacts but when it stops for an hour and a half, then he goes in and bats at it. It's hilarious to watch. I got a little video but I'd need 10 minutes to capture the real joy.

It came with 3 other antennae of various things to exchange for that yellow bit. Plus it would be easy to make more. The timing it has is so cat perfect. The stop and go is engaging but the 10 minutes is exactly right and the hour and a half wait is also perfect. Last night, he was sleeping up here nestled in his bed when the hour and a half was up. Silently the lights started blinking and he was awake and shot out of bed. I cracked up.

Best $30 I've ever spent.

In other Biggie news, we're learning to let me clip our nails. When he sits in my lap draped over my typing arms, I cuddle and then move my hands to his paws and squeeze out his nails one by one. I do this several times a day. One of those times I get the clippers and clip one nail. So far, so good. He's slowly, very slowly, getting used to it.

I think the field hospital is totally gone. Not a hint of it this morning. My morning walk suffers.

Changing out bank accounts and credit cards is a great quarantine project. Especially for an old person who is OCD about finances. I'm dumping Capital One mostly and maybe totally. I have one card there that pays me 4% cash back on entertainment and restaurants. I can't find anything else close so I might keep that. But everything else is getting moved. So all my direct deposits, and auto charges and places where I shop need updating.

Actually getting in there and logging into all those places and giving the accounts a general refresh is actually pretty damn healthy. I have a list that is very outdated of websites that have my credit card number but then I created a better one from the past year of charges on my current card. It all gives me a lovely feeling of organizational productivity. And it takes time, especially with new accounts for funds to get from here to there. And, turns out, I have time.

So I'll be doing more of today and more of the usual. I'm knitting a sweater that might turn into a vest. I haven't decided yet. I might do laundry. I absolutely will stepping into the shower next.
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