Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I saw exactly 0 soldiers on my walk. The hospital signs are still taped to the doors but otherwise no evidence of the instant on/off hospital that was.

Also no people. I was back home by 7:30 and am now inside for the day. I will go downstairs for mail and to pick up a package when it is delivered. I may make that one trip.

Biggie is being extra snuggly this morning. That translates to 12 pounds draped across my arms while I type.

Amazon Fresh is getting easier. There are now pick up times at the location just down the street. And, it appears, they are making some delivery times more getable. The bad news is that their inventory still sucks.

I got a delivery time at Safeco for next Saturday. I put in an order. I cannot change the order between now and then but I can cancel it. So. I'll decide towards the end of the week if I need/want the stuff in my order. Crazy way to be.

I ran a process against the spreadsheet I use to keep all my finances in. It killed a major data point and I could not get it back. But, very oddly, I had made a backup of the entire sheet just this morning first thing. It's the first backup I've made in a couple of months. I have no idea what prompted me to do it. But, dang, I'm sure glad I did. Back in biz in no time. Also made another backup.

Tonight is the home owners association meeting via Zoom. Should be really interesting.

Finished my latest book and today I need to find another one to start.

I did end up doing a lot of picking up and cleaning up of stuff yesterday. I have a bit more to do today but I'm feeling far more happy with with the lack of junkiness in my surroundings.

Biggie has now left me for his sunbeam.

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